prof. MUDr. Anna  Šedivá, DSc.Prof. Sediva has a long time experience as a pediatrician working at all levels of pediatric care, from a local hospital to University affiliated specialized centers. Her long time interest in immunology was reflected in her work in the field of pediatric immunology in former Czechoslovakia. The period from 1992 to 1995 she spent at New York Medical College in NY, USA and devoted this time to basic research in immunology. She has also an additional international experience from her stay as the Fulbright scholar in University of Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA, in 2001. In 2010–2015 she was awarded a position in ESID board and since 2011 she is chairing JMF center in Prague. Prof. Sediva holds currently the position of vice-head of the Department of Immunology in major University hospital in Prague. She is responsible for the field of pediatric immunopathologies with an emphasis on primary immunodeficiencies.
+420 224 435 959