prof. RNDr. Jaroslav Nešetřil, DrSc, dr.h.c. (mult.)

Nesetril scientic activity in mathematics and theoretical computer scienceis broad and he published in most areas of contemporary mathematics and TCS.His most papers are in Combinatorics where he distinguished himself early bysolving several well known problems and continues until today with a steadystream of quality publications. The following areas can ce listed as the mainareas of his research:

Ramsey theory; Colorings and extremal problems; Combinatorial numbertheory; structural combinatrics and homomorphisms; partially ordered sets andTheoretical computer science.

In each of these areas Nesetril solved a number well known problems and hiswork inuenced the direction of the research internationally. For example Ne-setril (with V. Rodl) is the author of the classical set of results in the structuralRamsey theory, results which are not easy to prove even now and which moti-vate an active development of today. Another example is his work in TCS wherehe established a complexity dichotomy for undirected graphs which served asa seed for a very active (and challenging) research. Nesetril is also credited asone of the driving forces of today development of structural combinatorics andhomomorphism theory particularly.

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