The aegis is an honorary tribute granted by the President of the Czech Academy of Sciences to scientific, cultural, educational and generally beneficial events of the workplaces of the CAS, scientific field societies and other entities as an expression of support and also as a signal to the public that the Czech Academy of Sciences considered the event to be important and worthy of attention.
Granting the aegis involves the forms of the assumption of a guarantee, media partnership, participation in the announcement of the event, its possible co-organisation and after a consideration also the provision of the logo of the Czech Academy of Sciences on the printed materials and promotional materials of the event. A right to financial or other material benefits, unless decided otherwise by the competent body, does not arise from it.
The conditions for assuming the aegis are the following:
  • the aegis will be displayed on all of the connected materials of the given event (e.g. invitations, fliers, posters, catalogues etc.),
  • the aegis will be presented at the event itself and in the media,
  • if the logo of the Czech Academy of Sciences is provided, it will be shown on the promotional materials in a suitable graphic quality and size.
The assumption of the aegis is decided by the Academic Council of the CAS based on a written request, from which it must be clear who is requesting the aegis, to what extent and for which event. The aegis is provided by the President of the Czech Academy of Sciences in writing in the form of a certificate.
The aegis cannot be granted to an applicant who in a previous event for which the aegis was granted did not fulfil the conditions of its being awarded (see above).
More information on the granting of the aegis by the President of the CAS will be provided to you by:
Czech Academy of Sciences
Secretariat of the President
Národní 3, 110 00 Prague 1
+420 221 403 111

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