28. 05. 2021
French Research Center in Humanities and Social Sciences (CEFRES) was established thirty years ago in 1991 when Central and Eastern European countries were just recovering from the decades of research isolation they had experienced locked behind ...
23. 04. 2021
Delegates of the Academy Assembly have elected new members to the CAS’s Academic Council and Science Council for 2021–2025. The elections took place through a specially designed electronic application.
10. 02. 2021
Operation of the L3-HAPLS laser system in ELI Beamlines Research Centre at 0.5 PW level was demonstrated, consisting in compression of the full energy output pulses currently generated by the laser chain, in the Petawatt vacuum compressor.
17. 12. 2020
The Czech Academy of Sciences, the largest research performing organization in the Czech Republic’s research, development and innovation system, welcomes that the political agreement on the EU 2021-2027 Multiannual Financial Framework has been ...
02. 12. 2020
Methanol is a colorless liquid with a distinctive alcoholic odor. The scientists from the J. Heyrovský Institute of Physical Chemistry of the CAS have now created and described a new way to produce it cheaply. ...
22. 10. 2020
ATTENTION Due to the current hygienic and epidemic situation pertaining to the occurrence of the new type of coronavirus and due to active medical prevention, with consent of the administration of the CAS, the building of the Academy of Sciences ...
19. 10. 2020
Nuclear genome size, corresponding to the total length of DNA molecules in cell nuclei, varies more than 2,000-fold between different plant species. ...
22. 09. 2020
The Czech Academy of Sciences, the largest research-performing institution in the Czech Republic, highly appreciates the intention of the European Commission to redesign and invigorate the European Research Area. ...
05. 06. 2020
What does it mean to be a metal and how is a metal formed? These seem like textbook questions with a simple answer: Metal is characterized by free electrons which give rise to its high electric conductivity. ...

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Week of the Brain

Week of the Brain (Týden mozku) is a unique cycle of lectures on the newest discoveries and trends in brain research and neuroscience, which is a part of the Brain Awareness Week (BAW), the world's largest public awareness campaign on the success and benefits of brain research. This year, it will take place from March 11 till March 17, 2019.