Centralised purchases

Centralised purchases

Do you want to make savings on energy, telecommunications or software purchases?

Energy costs represent a substantial item in the budgets of public research institutions. We offer to broker centralised purchases of electrical energy and gas on the commodities market. By making centralised energy purchases we always obtain the best possible price at the time of purchase. Besides the substantial financial savings, this has the advantage of avoiding the need to put out a call for tender for electricity and gas supplies, thanks to the auction format. We also negotiate bulk purchases of telephone tariffs and software for the CAS.

Energy purchases

Thanks to us, the majority of CAS institutes obtain the electricity and gas they require more cheaply via the commodities market. The centralised auction procedure is far more economic for all involved. You can find more information about this on our Energy Purchase portal.

Software purchases

We purchase professional software for the CAS. We are knowledgeable when it comes to software licensing for academic uses and capable of making substantial financial savings.

Telecommunications purchases

We coordinate the bulk purchase of telephone tariffs for professional use from our proven suppliers. We also arrange advantageous tariffs for family members of CAS staff.