The Centre of Administration and Operations of the CAS

The CAS institutes’ first port of call

We were surprised at how reasonably an academic event, such as an international conference, can be organised when using the services of the CAS’s Centre of Administration and Operations.

Jiří Hejnar
Head of Laboratory, Viral and Cellular Genetics
Institute of Molecular Genetics, CAS

We are pleased with how professional the children’s group staff are. The care they take of our children goes well beyond their duties.

Růžena Ferusová Živorová
Finance department
J. Heyrovsky Institute of Physical Chemistry, CAS

I appreciate that I don't need to put out a call for tender for energy supply and thanks to the Centre of Administration and Operations we can be sure of a good price.

Ondřej Ševeček
Institute of Philosophy, CAS

I would like to thank the CAS Technology Transfer Office for their assistance with commercialising our findings. I appreciate their exceptional professionalism and how systematic they are in their work.

Bohdan Růžička
Deputy Director
Institute of Scientific Instruments, CAS