Human resources development

Human resources development

We provide groundwork and expertise that leads to obtaining grants from, and participating in projects funded by the European Union and Structural Funds.

We focus on the implementation of national and international projects financed through the EU structural funds and framework programmes in the field of human resources development and mobility.

We support human resources development in academia and research.

We offer placements, training courses and workshops for a variety of target groups.

We offer talented secondary school pupils the chance to get involved in cutting-edge research under the supervision of a leading expert, through placements at the CAS institutes.

We organise a series of workshops and training courses for research staff who are engaged in public outreach and public presentation of their teams’ research outcomes. These sessions aim to improve the way research is presented to the general public, in particular via new media and social networks.

We run an educational course for key technical and administrative personnel from across the CAS. The course aims to foster these staff members’ managerial skills in a systematic manner and improve their knowledge of legal and financial topics.

We have also prepared a specialist Research Management course for the CAS’s top management staff, i.e. the directors of its institutes. This course places particular emphasis on character development, but also covers “hard” topics including relevant aspects of the law, financial management and EU funding mechanisms for academic and scientific research.

In relation to human resources development, we are engaged in a further international activity. For institutions that are keen to gain the HR Award, which is a prestigious award granted by the European Commission to research organisations that take excellent care of their human resources, we communicate the latest information from the European Commission and provide consultations and support during the process of applying for the award and implementing institutional action plans.

Contacact for Human resources development

Petr Borovský
Head of Human resources development

+420 221 403 851
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