Audiovisual services

Recording and live-streaming at events

We make audiovisual recordings of talks, lectures and other cultural, social and public outreach events. We also provide live-streaming services for conferences and events, to enable the public to watch online via the CAS website or social networking sites (e.g. YouTube, Facebook).

We administer bookings for the CAS’s conference rooms at its headquarters on Národní třída in Prague and provide a full range of technical services for the events held there.

Video reporting and documentary films

We make video reports and documentaries about science and research. Our professional team works with external composers, animators, actors and presenters as appropriate, to ensure the best possible results. Our documentaries have won awards and are occasionally shown on Czech television.

We provide technical and multimedia support for projects related to science, research and education. We prepare instructional videos with attractive teaching approaches.

  • We administer the CAS YouTube Channel.
  • We film science.
  • We make TV spots, video reports and documentaries.
  • We provide consultancy services related to audiovisual production.

Contact for audiovisual services

Špaček Václav
head of Department of Audio-Visual Technologies

+420 221 403 581
+420 774 295 460